Iberian Traveler – Maribel’s Guides

The Best of Spain, Portugal and the south of France


Culture, Wine and Gastronomy

Focusing on those parts of Spain, Portugal and France that remain virtually undiscovered except by the most discriminating travelers, Iberian Traveler prefers to keep our custom tours exclusive, small enough to encourage personal experiences and discoveries.  Iberian Traveler’s guided tours are designed to accommodate groups as small as four or as many as twenty.

Self-guided bespoke tours are available year around for individuals and small groups.

The Running Of The Bulls

The art of living well begins in Pamplona with the Fiesta de San Fermín and the running of the bulls.  Join us in Pamplona at noon on July 6 for the opening ceremony, el chupinazo.  Or arrive later for the closing ceremony, the pobre de mí, at midnight, July 14.

Exclusive Travel Planning Services by Iberian Traveler & Maribel’s Guides.  Contact Maribel to arrange a custom itinerary for your trip to Spain, Portugal, or France.

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